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We attend competitions throughout the year at a variety of venues attending grand events such as British, European and World events!!!
Competition work involves a great deal of commitment from both parents and children. The work consists of flexibility, stamina and enjoyment.
There are different branches the competition work goes into...

Slow Dance
Hip Hop


This involves lots of personality and determination. We have dancers in this area ranging from three years to adult, and from beginner to championship level. Routines are put together by the teacher to show the dancers skills and talents and enhance any weaknesses they may have.  
It is great fun and allows children to try and win some amazing trophies.  Some of the children we teach have even gone on to win British and European titles along with appearing in events such as the World championships.


As in solo you need willing and determination but with a partner alongside you sometimes this can take the nerves off slightly. The levels in this again vary from beginner to champ. Partners are paired up by teacher by picking two children of similar abilities and commitment; along with a level of friendship after all it needs to be enjoyable for the dancers.


This is a fantastic way for dancers of all abilities to mix with each other and brings the school really close. At our school we take pride in our teams and try to encourage everyone in taking part in the team events. We have teams for every age group we even have a mum’s team!!!


Slow Dance:

Slow is usually done at the end of the competition day it consists of very controlled movements and balances. It brings elements from ballet, contemporary and even modern work to produce a lovely elegant routine each adapted to bring out the dancers strengths.

Hip Hop:

This up and coming form of dance is widely enjoyed by both girls and boys. We attend both freestyle comps where street/hip hop is available to take part in along with UDO hip hop comps. In these comps a variety of events are available to try for example: solos, duos, teams, and bee boy battles etc all in the hip hop style. We have many talented hip hoppers in the school picking many prestigious titles.

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